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Christophe Badani interview
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Nina Stössinger interview
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Jean-Baptiste Levée
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What is Typomapp?

Typomapp is a typography knowledge map. It is an unique approach in learning typography, correlating history and geography. Our target is to create a “book” about typography you can navigate.

Ever wanted to know how typography evolved in a certain region since Gutenberg printed the Bible that bears his name? Wanted to know what was happening in another region at the same time? Or do you want to know what type-related museums or foundries are around you? Typomapp makes it easier for you to find the answers.

Typomapp contains only hand-picked typographers details, events, interesting places and type foundries and it will be continuously updated with new features and Points of Interest.

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Mobile apps

The web app is free to use and it will always be. We sell mobile apps in order to cover part of the hosting and platform development costs, and further system improvements. And keep the web app ads free.
Do you want Typomapp on the go? Go ahead, don't be shy, grab one! Please note that you need internet connection to use it, though.